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Mainsail – Blue Skies Single Review

May 29, 2019

There are a lot of things that Southern California, specifically San Diego, does better than just about anywhere else in the U.S. Buzzy beach days, tacos for every meal, and pop punk. Mainsail is a band out of Oceanside that adds their name to the ever-growing list of Southwestern pop punk homegrown by the beach. Formed in 2017, Mainsail has already claimed themselves as contenders through radio play on 91X and a set at 2017 Vans Warped Tour. Today, I’m here to talk about their most recent release, their single called “Blue Skies”.

The opening bars of the song call into mind a few of my favorite pop punk songs. Something I like about mid 2000’s to present pop punk is that even though many songs seem to have a familiar and recognizable pattern initially, they hit you with something that is unique to the specific band you’re listening to. For Mainsail, to me the uniqueness comes with the vocals and the blend of East Coast and West Coast influences that take place in the instrumental portions of the song. It reminds me of early Title Fight, a band that is Pennsylvania to their core and was once known for a more hardcore approach to pop punk, and yet it also reminds me of so much of the Southern California pop punk I’ve grown up around. I think the blending of those two styles is something that has become a lot more commonplace from the 2010’s and onward, and personally, I love this sound. Mainsail bring to the table an extremely enjoyable listening experience. Isaac Park’s drumming and Nick Lanari’s vocals are quite the pair. Along with hopeful and upbeat lyrical content, this single definitely gets my approval.

Mainsail have a few shows coming up. On June 1, 2019, they’ll be playing the Art Street Festival. On June 15, they’re playing the Summer Kick-Off Party at Legacy Brewing alongside Sleep Eater and Nights Like Thieves. You can check out their music of all platforms, including this single, “Blue Skies”. Check out the video of their Warped Tour recap if you’d like to get a feel for the guys. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to #SupportTheScene!

– Ari

Record Review

Aviator Stash – Shot Song Single Review

November 21, 2018

“Shot Song” is the second single from Aviator Stash’s newest record, Prescribed. This album is the band’s second release, dropping about a year and a half after their self-titled debut record. Starting in 2014 and hailing from San Diego’s North County, the members of Aviator Stash boast Spoon, Radiohead, The Growlers, and Talib Kweli as notable influences in their sound. “Shot Song” is a great example of the wild ways in which influences from such a large spectrum like these can come together into one listening experience and still be cohesive.

Moody and soulful while also hinting at carefree surf rock vibes, the melody and beat of “Shot Song” can easily be applied to a smoky beach-side party or a sunny weekend drive around town. The lyrics of the song can be taken at face value or quickly allow the viewer to contemplate a deeper meaning. Overall, I find the song pretty versatile for many different listening moods. The band states that their original intention was to “create catchy melodies and colorful vocal harmonies” and they have certainly hit the nail on the head here; the chorus is one you will easily find yourself humming along to even after it’s over.

You can check out “Shot Song” or Aviator Stash’s other singles, “Babe” and “Prescribed Television” or their new record, Prescribed, here through their bandcamp page or on Spotify and Youtube. Check out their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @aviatorstash. Their record release show is this Saturday, November 24 at Pour House Oceanside at 10:00 p.m. Head out and #SupportTheScene!

– Ari