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Creator Spotlight – Meet Grom Tunes

March 26, 2019

Today I have the unique privilege to introduce a local duo known as Grom Tunes to some of our readers and followers. To say that Grom Tunes is the future of the San Diego music scene may be somewhat inaccurate, as they are already beginning to play an important role in the scene in the present – and they should absolutely be on your radar if they aren’t already.

Grom Tunes is comprised of two young men, Cooper Giesen and Dan Patronilo. As the name would suggest, Cooper, a grom himself at only fourteen, has quite the passion for live music and jamming with friends and bands he admires. Grom Tunes is all about empowering and inspiring other young musicians by giving them a platform to share their art with others. Rocktoc can find much common ground with Grom Tunes in that regard. Grom Tunes have recently delved into interviewing the bands they jam with and have live studio sessions with as well. To venture into a community project like this at such a young age is inspiring, and it is really cool and refreshing to see someone sharing the scene with others simply because it is what they love to do. Cooper definitely has a lot to contribute to the scene and it is made better with young people like him in it – they are the real lifeblood of any local scene.

If you’d like to get in contact with Grom Tunes to be featured by them, you can contact them through Instagram @gromtunes, through their Facebook page, or by clicking here to get to their website. And finally, here are a couple of videos for you to check out to get a taste of what they do.

San Diego local surf rockers (check them out this Thursday, March 28 supporting SWMRS and The Regrettes at The Music Box) Beach Goons performing “Vatos Tristes” at Signature Sound Studio for Grom Tunes:

Cooper Giesen performing “Vatos Tristes”:

and our Featured Artist for March 2019, Ignant Benches performing “SMS to Julia” at Signature Sound Studio for Grom Tunes:

Thanks for looking. Give Grom Tunes a follow and #SupportTheScene!