Record Review

Sweet Myths – Rorschach Record Review

April 3, 2019

This record came at just about a perfect time to review, as I’ve been on a real kick lately of listening to latin fusion or latin inspired music. Living in San Diego, there is definitely a lot of it. Today, I’m here to talk to you about the latest release from a four-piece called Sweet Myths, a band that definitely isn’t afraid to draw from a wide range of influences in cultivating their diverse indie sound.

Sweet Myths describes themselves as an avant-garde indie band, and I feel that is an accurate way to talk about their music. Their new record, Rorscach, is an absolute reflection of that and displays an immensely cultured creative style. Audible influences like early 2000s east coast indie rock and latin guitar riffs/rhythms come together in songs like “False God” and “Disco Doghouse”, while you can make out the band playing around with math-rock and jazzy jamming in “Fall In Line”. The large variety of clear (and probably unclear, as well) musical influences contained in this record are part of what make it special and on a larger scale, part of what makes San Diego such an incredible city. The rhythm section, however, is what really makes this record for me. Not to say that the lyrical content, vocals, or anything else is lacking; because that isn’t the case. But personally, the beats and flow of Rorscach are my favorite part, with my favorite song on the record being “Disco Doghouse”.

If you would like to check out Rorscach out the Sweet Myths discography for yourselves, you can find them on bandcamp or on Spotify. To keep tabs on what they’re up to, you can follow them on Facebook or on Instagram @SweetMyths. Their next show is on June 6, 2019 at Winston’s in Ocean Beach. Thanks for looking and remember to #SupportTheScene!

– Ari