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Stray Monroe Video Review “Broken Records”

December 29, 2016

Stray Monroe's Video Review " Broken Records"

The song Broken Record by the Stray Monroe is a tuneful melody with the strongest accompaniment coming from a very expressive guitar. The singers voice is rhythmic and droney in a really appealing way-very Wallflowers like. It will be interesting to see how the group grows into their own.

Concert Reviews

Mandala Concert Review

December 17, 2016


Mandala Live at Soma Concert Review

The four-piece metal band, Mandala, played a very solid performance at SOMA's Santa Slam on December 9th,2016. The guitarists provided background movement that complimented the lead singer, Garrett's, tribal-like pacing on the stage. Original pieces with a lot of musical shape from guitarists that were very in-sink and a strong foundation from the percussion. Vocals and instruments were well composed with a lot of thought to balance of aggressive and atmospheric sounds. Very positive metal experience


Concert Reviews

Miike Snow Concert Review

December 9, 2016

Miike Snow December 5th, Observatory North Park

The band Miike Snow played a solid set of indie and electro rock sounds at the Observatory on Monday night. Opening up with Genghis Khan was the right move; the song brought down the house and put the show on a good track. Singer Andrew Wyatt charmed the crowd with his cute, wintery, ear-muffed, hunting cap and Jageresque moves. It would have been nice to hear Wyatt’s voice come in stronger throughout the night, but his fans filled in robust sounds for him.

Concert Reviews

Bush Concert Review

December 9, 2016

Bush November 9, 2016 Observatory North Park

Bush played from their repetoire of six albumns spanning 20 years as a group. They opened up with Everything Zen.  Rossdale never lost a beat and his voice sounds as good as ever. He had the audience eating from his hand as he shared space with us on the floor. The band played robustly and cohesively throughout the night with a very, very solid set.

Concert Reviews

Young the Giant Concert Review

December 4, 2016

Young the Giant – Live at House of Blues San Diego

Musicians played with attention to detail; each instrument was articulately played and robust. All the way through the rhythms and back beats were solid and engaging and grabbed the audience into the experience of each song along with Sameer’s body- his other instrument. 

On that note, Ghadia’s vocals were flawless and unselfish. He graciously invited fans to join in; the audience sang along with as much melodic enthusiasm as he did. The house came down when they swooned us with Cough Syrup, Something to Believe In, and Mind Over Matter.