Taken Days is a punk rock / pop punk band based out of both Orange County and
Los Angels County, CA. Formed in December of 2016 from the remnants of other
music projects. Inspired by 90s era punk bands like The Descendants, Samiam,
Jawbreaker, Green Day and even new age punk bands like Alkaline Trio, Blink-182,
The Flatliners and The Menzingers. Taken Days first release “Nowhere Slowly”
(2017) was hailed as “A Superb first effort.” The record gained attention throughout
southern California and beyond. Taken Days second release “10 More Miles” (2018)
takes a big leap forward in production and songwriting. 10 More Miles was
mastered at the famous Oasis Studios in Burbank, CA. It is catchy and powerful, with
sing-a- long vocals that hook you right in. This four-song release has no fat to trim; it
is packed with energy from start to finish. The band stands behind this epic release
and is excited about the attention that will come form this new record.
Taken Days chemistry begins with the friendship between founding members Corey
(lead vocals, guitar) and Cameron (bass guitar, vocals). They have been friends for
nearly 20 years and have played together in several bands including Coastline
Calvary. Together they are the nucleolus of the Taken Days atomic formula. It is
their passion and persistence for greatness that feeds this bands fury. Perhaps it
was chance or maybe luck that lead Corey and Cameron to legendary punk rock
musician, Tony (drums). Tony was an original member of Rhythm Collision from
LA, who gained much success throughout the 90s punk rock boom. Tony took about
10 years off from being a professional musician after his run in Rhythm Collision to
eventually return behind the kit. After a few years and some different bands, Tony
has settled into his role of holding down epic beats in Taken Days. After a couple of
different lead guitarist rotated through the band, a Craig’s list ad posted in
December of 2017 would bring in the final missing puzzle piece. Brent (lead guitar,
vocals) answered the ad to audition for lead guitar. Brent is from the early 2000s
era OC punk band Barley Legal. After Barely Legal, Brent took about 10 years off of
music and became a local professional firefighter. Ready to make the return to the
punk world he would complete the Taken Days roster and help formulate the image
and sound of the band.
Taken Days takes a song first approach to writing music. No real formula, just
whatever is best for each song. This has translated to straight forward no nonsense
punk rock at its best. Continuously proving they are here to work hard, play tight,
put on a good show and have fun putting their stamp on the Southern California
punk rock scene. The future looks very bright for So Cal heroes Taken Days.


  1. 01 Pass the Time Taken Days
  2. 02 10 More Miles Taken Days
  3. 03 Failing Future Taken Days