San Diego based indie rock band "Stray Monroe" was founded by Blake Imperl and Colin Croft, both formerly of the Hype, soon joined by guitarist Adam Hakes. The trio began work on an EP in February 2016 with producer/audio engineer Lars Orange, with bassist Brett Kelly joining during this period.

After their May 2016 concert debut at the Hideout, the band has played numerous shows at a variety of high profile venues in the area, including SOMA and The Merrow. The band's first single, "Take It Fake It," was released that August.

A followup released in December, "Broken Records," featured a music video directed by Timmy Ornelas. "The video takes you through the eyes of a girl who struggles with social anxiety," according to the band. "We hope to bring awareness to this issue that many people in society face.

The bands self-titled EP will be released in January 2017.

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  1. 01 Broken Record Stray Monroe
  2. 02 Take it Fake It Monroe
  3. 03 Willow Live Monroe


About Broken Records

"Broken Records was actually a song that I almost threw away. I had always been fascinated with that chord progression but didn't know what to do with it. I think I had been listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan at the time. I just kept playing it and started adlibing a lot of words... some strings of words stuck out at me and I decided to go back to the drawing board and write proper lyrics.

The lyrics are about a rough break up I went through in Summer of 2015. Cliche I know, another song about a break up. The line " I don't know why I'm feeling alone but I kinda like it when your singing along" gets me every time. It puts me right back in that moment in time. I think writing that song really helped me to put the past behind me. I realized I was glorifying this relationship for nostalgic reasons, but when I internalized it all, I saw that I didn't need it anymore. I think you get tunnel vision when your in a toxic relationship, and you try to rationalize all their horrible habits. When working on the music with the guys, I knew I wanted happy sounding music to juxtapose those self-loathing lyrics. I think that's why the song can interpreted in quite a few ways. I've always liked lyrics and music that let the listener fit in their own story... if even just one listener can relate to my message, or make their own, I think I've done my job as a musician. "
- Blake Imperl (Vocals/Guitar)

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