Pivit ia an American punk rock band hailing from Poway and Cardiff, California, formed in late 1994 by original drummer Mark McLemore, lead singer Chris Moore, and guitarist Eric Sisson in San Diego County, California. In 1995, they recorded their first demo entitled Find the Fuzz. Eventually they produced 3 albums together, Pressure in 1996, Millennium in 1998 and finally Thanks for Coming Back in 2002.

The band enjoyed moderate success, earning heavy praise from critics and fans and opening for such bands as Blink-182, Incubus, MxPx, Buck-O-Nine, Sack Lunch, Pennywise, Unwritten Law, Mad Caddies, Ten Foot Pole, Home Grown and many local San Diego bands. In June 1998, a video was shot for Pivit's song "Oddessy" in Rancho Bernardo and downtown San Diego, directed by Taylor Steele. A music video was made in 2002 for the song "Fingercuffs", and a video was also made for "Millennium", but only played at live shows.

Since disbanding in 2003, there have been a few reunion shows with Agent 51, Sack Lunch, and Spero Lumina throughout 2008 and 2009 and 2015


Chris Moore, Chris Lewis, Micah Albao, James Bannister, Adam Rapps


  1. 01 Stuck On You Pivit
  2. 02 Swell Pivit
  3. 03 Unseen Pivit
  4. 04 Sour Pivit
  5. 05 Oddessy Pivit
  6. 06 Vampire Pivit
  7. 07 Structure Pivit
  8. 08 Running Out Pivit
  9. 09 Millenium Pivit
  10. 10 One Min More Pivit
  11. 11 Pressure Pivit
  12. 12 W.D.I.W.T.S Pivit
  13. 13 Control's A Pity Pivit
  14. 14 Problem Child Pivit
  15. 15 Hangnail Pivit
  16. 16 Light of Day Pivit
  17. 17 Open Book Pivit
  18. 18 Tell Me Pivit
  19. 19 Home Sweet Home Pivit
  20. 20 Army Man Pivit
  21. 21 Cyberchrist Pivit
  22. 22 Speechless Pivit
  23. 23 Middle Children Pivit
  24. 24 Pop Whore Pivit