Neurotic Mirage is a 3 piece band from San Diego, California. The band consists of Nathan Mansi on the guitar and vocals, Brian Sabul on the drums, and Jason Barber on the bass guitar and doing backup vocals. The band formed late 2015 and early 2016.

The trio masterfully blends variations of punk rock and metal creating their unique form of “Punk Metal” in the purest sense of the genre. The band released a 4 song demo toward the latter end of 2015 with almost all of the songs ending up in their final form on their debut 9 song album released in March 2016 called “Haywire Culture”. The band is currently working on a new album set to be released toward the middle of 2018..


  1. 01 3 Clips Neurotic Mirage
  2. 02 Tired of this Life Neurotic Mirage
  3. 03 Asylum Aquarium Neurotic Mirage