Hailing from San Diego, California, Mittens describes its music as “indie pop” yet distances itself from the quirky and saccharine, in favor of a more robust and timeless approach.

Long-time friends Ramona and Lia trade off on their vocal, guitar, and bass duties, each bringing a distinctive vocal and songwriting style. Meanwhile, multi-instrumentalist Paul contributes with frequent guitar breaks, Baroque keyboard tendencies, layered harmonies, and the occasional lead vocals. Mittens has been recently joined by drummer Matthew, fresh off touring in Europe with the local indie rock band, Grizzly Business.

Mittens loves to do things the Mittens way, which means smiling in pictures, group hugging after live sets, doing the Mittens handshake, and taking a true DIY approach to everything, including recording.

Mittens may have been inspired by Rilo Kiley and The Cardigans in the beginning, but the band has grown to include many more influences over the years. Drawing inspiration from indie heroes, oldies hits, classical piano, and Japanese rock music alike, Mittens loves to blend all its influences to make a coherent mess out of it all.


  1. 01 Always Knew Mittens
  2. 02 Heart Of Me Mittens
  3. 03 When You Smile Mittens
  4. 04 Roam Mittens
  5. 05 Little Itch Mittens