Long Bio: Beginning as a solo project in 2007, Infinite Signal wasn’t fully formed
until 2012 after Eli took the project to Minneapolis, MN to seek out like-minded
musicians. After picking up Kelly Kent on bass guitar and former drummer Frank
Vidmar, Infinite Signal recorded an EP, Hey Kid. They then followed up with their
debut full-length album, Nox Opus, and played dozens of shows around the US and
Canada. In 2015 Infinite Signal moved across the country to Southern California in
their relentless pursuit of music, eventually finding their feet in San Diego, CA. In
2016 the band went through a lineup change picking up new drummer and long-
time friend, Drew Nelson. With their latest release, The Dread (2017) is Infinite
Signal’s third album as a full band. A follow-up to the full length, Nox Opus, The
Dread takes a dark turn in their new melodic punk sound and Infinite Signal
continues to expand their reach in Southern California.
Short and Sweet Bio: A punk/pop punk band with Minnesota roots and a California
heart. Bringing punk back into “pop-punk”.


  1. 01 The Burden Infinite Signal
  2. 02 Deepest Fears Infinite Signal
  3. 03 The End of the World Infinite Signal