In the early summer of 2014 Kaley Morlock (vocals, ukulele) and Joshua McCleskey (acoustic guitar), fled the Oklahoma plains to the most southwesterly shores of Imperial Beach, California. After busking the vibrant streets of Ocean Beach, the two convinced long time friend Jimmy Schmitz (mandolin) to relocate. It wasn't long before the three serendipitously met Boston native, Matt Rogan (vocals, acoustic guitar) who resided down the street. The four members make Coral Bells, an indie folk-and-roll tribe of vinyl junkies and dreamers. Coral Bells will make you supper, but make you drink a bottle of whiskey, only before watching the sunrise from a rooftop tent. In September 2017 Coral Bells celebrated the release of their self-titled E.P., at The Holding Company in OB. The six song E.P. is best listened to while on the road. It's a seaside montage conveying the insatiable desire to roam, live presently and never grow old. Coral Bells is a collective of friends who gravitated towards one another. As much as their new folk sound conjures a pleasantly misplaced nostalgia, being among them conjures up feelings of belonging and being here now.


  1. 01 Neverland Blues Coral Bells
  2. 02 War on Peace Coral Bells
  3. 03 Great Plains Hysteria Coral Bells