We are Color Til Monday! Originated in San Diego California with an Alternative blend of different influences. Formed in December of 2015, all of us were looking to be a part of something greater than the mundane everyday life. We all have full time jobs that propagate the idea that creativity should be left in the corner and bills should be the number one priority. Color Til Monday stands for staying up late before our work shifts and making time to get together to suggest we can make a difference in a creative way. We present our struggles through art and music in hopes to reach the zombified public that seems more bored than ever before. We plan to take out our creative markers and "Color Til Monday" in hopes that your next day off, you will find your creative outlet. Stay original, stay beautiful, stay you! There has only ever been one you and there has only been one Color Til Monday!


  1. 01 Century Color Til Monday