Brandon Turner, better known as B-Turn, was born in Berywn, Illinois on March 12, 1992. After only 13 months of life Brandon was sent to a foster home and lived in multiple homes until 1996 when his mother, Maureen Turner regained custody and moved them to San Diego, California where B-Turn currently resides.

It was during his middle school years that B-Turn embraced his passion for music and began playing piano. He was also in the Drumline & Jazz Band with his cousin Easton Hutcherson (F.P.). He would often write poetry and was published in 8th grade for a piece he wrote about his absent father.

Transitioning into high school B-Turn had developed a love for rap & hip-hop and began making songs with a close-knit group (Collin K, Nick Rut, Money Max, Mike G, & Nexsan), calling themselves the "Yung Riderz". A year later, the group stopped making tracks and Brandon joined forces with his two best friends (Collin K & Nick Rut) writing songs under the tag "3Macz".

After graduation, the 3Macz left San Diego and embarked on college life at Northern Arizona University. B-Turn’s direction in college was somewhat undecided so after some long conversations, hard thinking, and a year of twists and turns, he realized his passion for music was still alive and kicking. With endless possibilities and potential, B-Turn packed his bags and headed back to Cali to focus on his music.

His cousin F.P. had established his own group "Legal Hustle" and soon after returning, B-Turn and the group collaborated which lead to Turn becoming a new member. After a few shows and mixtapes, the cousins decided to break off and focus on their own group, and "The League" was born.

As a result of the duo's partnership, The League has opened for major artists all across Southern California and created a very unique discography. B-Turn writes, records, and engineers all of his music and recently added producing beats to his resume. Follow B-Turn, young father, entertainer and voice for the people as he embarks on his musical journey.


  1. 01 Real or Fake B-Turn
  2. 02 Up Next B-Turn
  3. 03 Never Was B-Turn
  4. 04 Aqua Freeze B-Turn