Nights Like Thieves – Better Late Than Never

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The word complacent wouldn’t be used to define the work ethic and creative drive of Nights Like Thieves.  They raise the bar high for themselves and are always trying to improve the quality of their music on some level to become better musicians; throughout the pandemic they didn’t dwindle away-they kept up the grind and now, we get to enjoy the fruits of the grind.

This past year, they ventured out to work with a producer, Joe Marsh, for the 4th EP that dropped at the end of October titled, Better Late Than Never. They also brought into the relationship the iconic voices of Nathan Leone (Madina Lake) and Kody Templeman (Teenage Bottle Rocket) to support Nights frontman, Mario J. Rivera’s novel voice. These collaborations have proved to kick up the intrigue and enjoyment of the EP.

Mario’s songwriting gets better and better on each record. “Follow Light” stands out as a very emotional track. He juxtaposes this very catchy melody and heavy breakdown with his screaming chords (comparative to Chino Moreno) coupled with beautiful melodic lilting voices, in one of the bands more progressive songs on the EP; changing tempos from the palm muted guitars going into a slower tempo melody with craft and musicianship. 

The music of Nights Like Thieves keeps progressing and evolving with each record albeit staying true to it roots-influenced by the early 2000’s and Emo scene in the latest record. In comparison to their debut EP, Light the Fuse and Run, to the latest, Better Late Than Never, the maturity of the group and level of songwriting and musicality has proven that they have finally grown out of that sophomore slump to create one of the bands most brilliant EPs so far. 

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