Jack Symes- Tompkins Park

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Listening to Tompkins Park is an experience akin to sitting back in a velvet seat of a landmark theatre. Watching the velvet drapes separate while a sweet voice spirals through the atmosphere; the voice that touches your skin and feels like tender fingertips upon your forearm.This unique voice perfects the sound of a unique style; the Jack Symes experience brings it in intimately. His blend of indie folk and storytelling is an art warmly reminiscent of Conor Oberst and Sufjan Stevens. This album seductively takes you by the hand to experience love, locations and a cult.

His first single “I Need to Be Alone”,has a Beck vibe, similar to “Lost Cause”.  This song has a catchy melody that’s soothing and although it’s a slower tempo, pleasantly flows. The track “Wait”, has a beautiful horn section, placed at the right times in the song that builds up nicely to showcase Symes’ voice. 

What A Wonderful Party”, one of the tracks that sticks out the most from the rest of the album, has a “Beatles” vibe to it from the beginning to end and is just downright playful to listen to because it includes so many different sounds.  With a great horn section to accommodate the track and the story behind it which does not bore the listener, it leaves you wanting more of this clever composition.

His music brings back the old school, straight forward songwriting: a guitar, vocals and great lyrics that tell stories. Jack has outdone himself with Tompkins Park. This album is very diverse in skill at incorporating use of his voice, lyrics and theme.

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Written by, 

Rosina Guerra