Shallow Pools – Ice Water

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Imagine sitting in a dark, desolate corner of your room for months while waiting for lightness, hope and brighter days only to be swooped up and lifted high above all these earthly problems and matters by the loveliest butterfly that transports you to a happy place.  Yup, that is exactly what happened when my ears and soul caught wind of the new release, “Ice Water”, by Shallow Pools. The women of Shallow Pools just released a super elevating and modern single and you won’t want to wait any longer to experience it!

From the first verse of “Ice Water”, you get caught up into this catchy and bouncy melody that makes you want to hear more. The phrasing and tempo are so spot on-you are kept in a delightful suspense with the fluttering rythyms. Brennan’s vocals are never stagnant and her voice lifts you along with the poppy melody and chorus.  Hailing from Boston, these four females have a lot of potential showcased with the new single “Ice Water”. This song is dancy and catchy, a mix of early 90’s Pop reminiscent to Mandy Moore meets a dancy 80’s band, such as Duran Duran.
The song is solid from the beginning to the end!  Glynnis Brennan’s vocals are the perfect sound for an upbeat jam! Jess Gromada’s guitar riffs remind you of The 1975 meets Haim. The chemistry of the band just works on this single. Get swooped up in it now.
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Rosina Guerra