Haunter – Risk It All

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Let Lucy Lenoir, lead singer of Haunter, seduce you into a magical place: she’s done it before. This time, her voice takes you into a kind of dreamy vastness somewhere between the edge of the world and where you meet your dreams. Her voice, like a flowing river, leads you to feel what is possible. Haunter’s latest single, “Risk It All” is a must for all pop fans! As soon as she hits the first note, “Will I find you…”, you know you are experiencing a hit. 

This band is so talented they could cross any genre with success. They’ve artistically created a song  with a catchy chorus and key breakdowns (reminiscent of CVHRCHES), that doesn’t interrupt the power and beauty of Lucy’s voice; it is absolutely phenomenal and the melody sticks in your head like a fantastical dream. Each single that Haunter drops, like the finest wine, keeps getting better and better.

Haunter is the band that pop fans should keep an eye out for! Don’t be surprised if you hear “ Risk It All” on mainstream radio! 

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Written by,

Rosina Guerra