Vampire Money – Cemetery School

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Vampire Money- a young band from the UK that have nailed the nostalgic pop-punk sound of the early 2000’s has gifted you with a very upbeat song titled- “Cemetary School”. One gets swallowed up with the lively tempo and catchy melody only to get spit out while becoming volleyed around by the super energetic and fun vocal sparring between Alfie Roberts and Tom Emery. A perfect set up for the pit!


Obviously, when hearing the name of the band, Vampire Money, the first thing to come to mind is MCR. And unmistakably, Alfie Roberts, a mirror image of an early Gerard Way, but with a voice that is distinctly his own in this EP; very reminiscent of early Sum 41. Musically, one of the strongest features of this song is that the chorus melody flows along with the guitar riff which is not commonly done these days.


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Rosina Guerra