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The latest release by Val Astaire, “Runner”, pins you down in the driver’s seat while his androgynously, coquettish vocals drive you crazy wanting to hear more of his signature indie pop sound. “Runner”is packaged in an energizing, dancey rhythm that dreamily captures the listener; making you forget how bad things are and letting you feel how good things will be.


The catchy arrangement compliments the ode to his feelings; poetically capturing the inward conflict of realizing something isn’t good for you and letting go. Repetition of the chorus emphasizing that this person is convincing himself to let go of toxicity. Very deep lyrically considering the tempo drives one to the dance floor. Make no mistake, it’s not easy to compose a song with such a modern vibe (synthy-indie pop) and not say, “oh, he sounds just like…”. Val Astaire contributes most valuably to his genre by staying an original. Mr. L. A., definitely took the road less traveled.

Listen to “Runner”, the opening track to Val Astaire’s debut album, Fever Dreams – set to release July 2020. Keep an eye out for Val Astaire on the ones to watch list!

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Rosina Guerra