Haunter – Miss Me

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Lucy Lenoir, lead vocalist for the band, Haunter, makes a huge statement with her voice when she delivers, with the help of R I L E Y, the band’s recent single, “Miss Me”. Lenoir sings a bold, anthemy song. She uses her voice to create imagery; bridging the vulnerability of an individual coming to terms with who they were and what they’ve become. She excels at using vocal intonation to express emotional struggle; tones of warmth and vulnerability that ascend toward pride and self-assuredness- more robust on, ”I don’t need you anymore!” 

Haunter’s band includes: Enoma Asowata (guitar/synth), Mark Shroeder (bass), and Mike Ray (guitar, vocals). They keep this song in perfect balance with such a strong instrument-Lenoir’s voice.  The phrasing of this composition is excellent; it gives life, light and expression to the song that balances out the drama of the song’s theme-love gone wrong. Pop music at its best: “Miss Me’’ gets you dancing and fired up! Don’t be surprised if you hear this song in the top 40.

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Written by,

Rosina Guerra