VAR – Where To Find You

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VAR’s new single, “Where to Find You”, captures the listener and floats them into an ethereal and poetic starry experience. The voice of Július Óttar Björgvinsson, singer and lyricist for the Icelandic band, accompanied by a masterfully, layered composition uses his dreamy vocals, and very articulated musical sounds to create romantic imagery akin to a Pablo Neruda poem; this track, “Where To Find You”, inspires a tapestry of sensual sounds and feelings.  Beautifully done. 


So happy to say that upon listening to this track for the first time and beyond-there was no other band to compare them to-VAR is utterly unique. One can hear and appreciate the level of musicianship and talent in this catchy melody. Specifically, the overall orchestral quality and perfectly placed layers of drums and guitars that are juxtaposed with dramatic build up.


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Written by,

Rosina Guerra