Nights Like Thieves – The Forgotten EP

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A serotonin release triggered from Nights Like Thieves once again. This time, the little embers of desire that left us wanting more after the 2018 single release of the ballad, “Broken Satellite”, have become uncontrollable flames with the latest EP release, The Forgotten. When Mario J. Rivera, the frontman for Nights Like Thieves decided to stray away from the over saturated sound of the pop-punk movement and listen to his passionate heart, he left us with our tongues wagging and mouths salivating for more. Hence the third EP for Nights Like Thieves, The Forgotten. Each song delivers melodies that are loaded with vocal intimacy; each measure of each track is filled with emotion.


In addition to the sizzling lineup: Steve Smith (bass), Scott Szika (guitar), and Keoki Lanza (drums), are vocals by some rock power houses such as: Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.), Jared Woosley (Fivespeed), Scott Sellers (Rufio), and Angel Flores (Painting Promises). The variety of voices and tonal quality of each singer elevates and compliments Rivera’s compositions. A track that is so beautiful and really highlights the contrasting tonal differences of each singer, Rivera and Woosley is, “It’s Cut To The Bone”. Another favorite is,  “Alright”, because of its catchiness and of course that it showcases Mario’s vocal diversity. Each of the tracks is guaranteed to leave you smoldering with enjoyment!


Keep an eye out for Nights Like Thieves on your ones-to-watch list for 2020. They will also be releasing a second EP fall of 2020. 

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Written by,

Rosina Guerra