Nights Like Thieves – Disarm

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“Disarm”, by The Smashing Pumpkins is one of those songs that many fans would say defined an era for them. So, when artists cover “Disarm”, obsessive Smashing Pumpkins fans can be very critical and protective of Disarm’s structural and melodic perfection. And truthfully, I haven’t heard many covers of this song that retain the original song’s emotions and badassness-if that’s a word.

Mario J. Rivera, the frontman for Nights Like Thieves, covered this classic and did it complete justice. He paid homage to the dense layering of cathartic sounds in this epic piece. Rivera’s vocals though, are very much his own. He captures all of the song’s emotions- sorrow and its haunting sadness with his own wholesome and sophomoric voice in this piece; a very far cry from the screams of the pop-punk and emo compositions for which Nights Like Thieves is known. Mario J.Rivera definitely left his comfort zone to cover such a melancholy song and utilize his voice; rich in tone, range and emotion to honor the morosity of, “Disarm”. 

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