New Language – No Time

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The ominous synth-pop intro from the new single release, “No Time”’, by New Language, creates a musical foreshadowing of the classic man vs. man battle. In this case, man vs. his own anxiety perhaps.  New Language uses their signature musical delivery, loud and full, to create, through their composition, a palpable image depicting a struggle of some sort. Lyrics that describe socially induced anxiety are calmed by the self-talk when lead singer, Tyler Demorest, takes down the demon(s) with the protagonistic chorus, “Let up, back up. Settle down, down, down, settle down”. Even within the razor-like sounds from the melody and with all of the emotional overtones of the lyrics, “No Time”, leaves you with a sense of resolve and satisfaction.


Musically, “No Time” starts off with a catchy ‘80’s inspired riff. Vocals kick in with a smooth melody on the verse which leads into very iconic, scratchy vocals on the chorus line bringing to mind the style of Dustin Kensure (Thrice). We wouldn’t be surprised if this song hits the Alternative Charts. Please make sure to follow New Language on all social platforms Instagram- @newlanguageband  Facebook – give their new single a listen on Spotify


Written by,

Rosina Guerra