Soraia – Superman is Gone

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Soraia uncaged a profound soliloquy in the single titled, “Superman is Gone”, from the new album ‘Dig Your Roots’, released on March 13th, 2020. What makes it profound? Within such a layered musical composition about an experience with drugs, the only element more dynamic than the composition and the lyrics is Zou Zou Mansour’s voice. She controls the melody like a mistral wind; at times intonates turmoil and angst and in other moments articulating the most painful memories with almost delicate tones. She delivers emotions that are robust and palpable leaving the listener wanting only one thing-to hear Zou Zou sing a few measures a capella because her voice is that penetrating and beautiful; her vocal range brings life to Soraia’s single. 

Soraia’s “Superman is Gone”,  definitely has a ’70’s rock feel to it with a similarity to Blondie’s riffs and drum fills. Melodic harmonies bring back the classic partying 70’s and ‘80’s hits. Soraia created a very dancy tune that makes you want to put on your 80’s attire and hit the dance floor. The single is available on all platforms and definitely keep an eye out for Soraia on their upcoming tour.

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Rosina Guerra