Dead Agents – Hard To Burn

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Today I’m writing to give you a look into the newest single from UK-based rock group Dead Agents. The single is titled “Hard To Burn” and was released on February 14, 2020. David James-Foster, singer of Dead Agents, describes “Hard To Burn” as being “…a song about being burnt and torn down so many times that you can go no lower, having nothing left to lose, you become free to give everything you have to whatever you desire.”

“Hard To Burn” is a hard-hitting, energetic tune that gives way to near metal-like tendencies at times – an appropriate feel given the lyrical content. The fast-paced rhythm is sure hype up a crowd and the melody and heavy riffs give a solid balance of familiarity and intrigue. This is a seriously hard rocking release from Dead Agents and it’s clear they are a fine-tuned group.

Dead Agents are playing their next show in Hull at Dive Bar on Saturday, February 29. If you would like to give them a follow, you can check out their Instagram and Facebook You can also check out the single on Spotify

Reviewed by Ari