Have you checked out this record yet? Similar to my review of Psycho Carnival by Neurotic Mirage, the band I’m going to talk about today holds primarily metal leanings with similar multi-faceted progressive rock, metal, and punk influences. These two records were even recorded at the same studio, Doubletime Recording, with Jeff Forrest. Hailing from Imperial Beach, I’d like to tell you about DAB (or, Dogol and the Berrys, named for the two Berry brothers and Dogol, the band members) and their record To the Moon.

To the Moon is characterized by particularly booming and melodic vocals, time signatures that remind one of a few of DAB’s key influences, and lyrics that pack a punch. Steven Berry (lead guitar and vocals) has a fantastic capability for singing that would lend itself to many different genres of music, which is something I am always interested in when it catches my ear. His choice to apply his voice to metal makes for a listening experience that may be more palatable and enjoyable for those who don’t like a lot of metal or aren’t very familiar. As far as influences, DAB has cited bands like Rush, Black Sabbath, System of a Down, Pink Floyd, and Tool as some important figures. The classic rock vibe is definitely evident in some tracks (“Double Helix” being one of them) while the more melodic metal side of things takes over in others (“The Mountain” and “The Window”). Overall, To the Moon seems like it would be a good introductory record for someone in your life who may not be all too into metal; it carries enough classic rock and post-rock influence to make an easy transition, as well as being enjoyable, well-produced, and nuanced.

If you’d like to keep tabs on Dogol and the Berrys, you can check them out on Facebook or on Twitter @DABincorporated and you can stream To the Moon on Spotify. As of now, it doesn’t look like they have any upcoming shows. However, checking out their social media feed will be sure to keep you in the know. As always, thanks for reading and remember to #SupportTheScene!

– Ari